Wooden sign “PLAY all day” for wall decoration


Wooden sign “PLAY all day” for wall decoration

Spark your children's imagination with our charming “PLAY all day” natural wood sign. Ideal to decorate your room and stimulate your creativity. Each letter is precision carved from high quality wood. A constant reminder of the importance of play and imagination in their development.


  • “PLAY”: 20cm high x 67cm long
  • all day: 22cm high x 60cm long



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Spark the imagination of your little dreamers with our charming natural wood “PLAY all day” sign. This poster is ideal for decorating the walls of your children's room, creating a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere.

Our natural wood sign has been carefully crafted with love and attention to detail. Each letter has been precision carved from high-quality wood, lending it a lasting rustic charm. Its simple and elegant design captures the essence of childhood, inviting children to explore their imagination and immerse themselves in a world of limitless games.

By placing this poster on the wall of the room, you will be reminding your children of the importance of play. "PLAY all day" becomes their daily motto, reminding them that every moment is an opportunity to dream, create and enjoy. This sign will become a constant reminder that imagination is the engine of their growth and development.

Whether your kids love playing with their favorite toys, making up fantastical stories, or immersing themselves in magical worlds, our natural wood sign is the perfect piece to nurture their childlike spirit. Its simple and charming design will become the focal point of the room, adding a special touch to every corner.

Don't miss the opportunity to decorate your little one's room with this beautiful “PLAY all day” natural wood sign. Provide your children with a cozy space that celebrates their childhood and stimulates their imagination without limits. Make every day a fun-filled adventure with our “PLAY all day” natural wood sign!

Photography by my__corners.

Dimensions 35×25×3 cm


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